Stop adding insult to injury

Every opportunity to engage and inform is an opportunity to impact the patient experience.

Get your care teams on the same page

The Trestle Health platform allows your care teams, partners, and patients to communicate and collaborate around a specific surgical event or a complete patient journey, ensuring that everyone stays aligned.

Care Teams...


Want to know about changes to their surgical schedule as soon as possible


Want to ensure all resources are notified of schedule changes


Want to know when and where to ensure they provide the best service


Just want the entire process to be seamless and simple


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Ensuring your care teams are on the same page is challenging...

A lot of room for mistakes

There are many moving parts and activities leading up to a surgery or other clinicial event. It's easy to get wires crossed on the schedule, challenges with patient compliance, and ensuring your extended care teams are aligned.

Reducing or eliminating errors in execution ensures your entire team is efficient.

Everyone is on a different system

As great as many new healthcare IT sytems are, most don't provide strong communciation and collaboration across members of your care team, including those medical device sales and service personnel you depend on.

We can stand alone, or integrate easily to create a safe and secure mobile-first solution.

Healthcare IT is focused on patient health data, not the process

We are all about the process. We want all the players on your care teams, including your patients, to be on the same page regarding the timing, location, and other details both before and after a surgical event.

The result is a full picture of all details and communication surrounding a patient engagement.

Yes, your staff is superhuman

Efficient surgical logistics are typically a result of strong organizational skills by your care teams - not strong technology. Knowing who to call when the schedule changes or how to handle patient questions or challenges is done behind the scenes, with spreadsheets, sticky notes, and usually a little luck.

We provide a framework to keep your staff on track, aligned, and happy.

Your partners want to help

Medical device sales and service teams are a critical part of the extended care team. You rely on them to provide technical support, advice, and timely logistical support, ensuring the right implant, device, or brace is available when needed.

We help ensure your partners have all the details needed to make every patient engagement positive.

Patients are (very) smart consumers

They expect seamless experiences delivered through their smartphone. When patients see your staff and partners confused or mis-aligned they will lose confidence in the entire process. Many times the result is lower patient satisfaction.

Patients that have a positive experience will lead to improved health outcomes.

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